Everybody can be a Lion
You just need to start

You’ve heard about CrossFit but you’ve never tried it ? You think it’s too hard, too intense or that you need to be a practiced athlete to practice our sport ? We totally understand your fears, but we can assure you that these fears will vanish as soon as you walk into your first Lion class. Join us and discover what your body and your mind are capable of ! You are stronger than you believe you are!

Discovery session

Let us introduce you to CrossFit. The objective of this first class is to let you taste our sport and our cool community.

Your discovery session program :

  • WOD Introduction and explanation : You participate in the explantions of the workout our members will do and enjoy the atmosphere of our awesome community.
  • Presentation of CrossFit : We explain what CrossFit is and what you can expect from it.
  • First warm-up : You’ll warm-up
  • Discovery and initiation to CrossFit fundamental movements
  • Workout with a professional coach

Convaincu ? Convinced ? Ready to start ? Fill out the form and book your first WOD !
We are also happy to help for any further question you may have on CrossFit Lion Hill.

We look forward to meeting you and beginning this journey with you.
Team CrossFit Lion Hill

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